101 ways to fight winter with summer tastes !

10 min recipies for summer
Like me if you prefer warmer, and sunnier sumemr days over colder and cloudy winter days, then may be a nice easy summery-meal will help you get through the impending winter. I am looking forward to making someof these in the next coulple weeks !

The full article is at NYT

Colleen is a great cook !

Indoor farmers market in Queen’s University

Queen’s University students have worked to open an indoor farmers market, selling local and regional produce and baked goods.The official opening of the market is on Monday,the 16th of Oct. The opening of the market coincides with the Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) World Food Day.
I am a fan of farmers market so, I am looking forward to the market. Moreover,local artists Kyra and Tully Walker and Ian Montgomery will help celebrate the opening of the market with musical performances.

What: Indoor Farmers Market
Where: Lower JDUC Ceilidh, Queensu Campus
When: Monday, 8 am- 3 pm