Images that capture the revolution

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  1. Hi Jijesh,
    I am hoping you remember me ( UNL PPC EHR project with the network in the Panhandle). I am remembering a day when we were traveling back from Omaha to Lincoln with Nancy. You were talking about a study on qualities of leaders. I am working on a leadership for change project now- and we are working to develop an evaluation of leadership capacity. I am very concerend that we are missing the spirit part of what it really takes from a leader/organizer to effect change ( values, ethics). Would love to know where to find more of what you were sharing that day in hopes of injecting this work with something more.

    Also remembering my days in western Canada where I learned this work- and this being- and hoping Toronto is as good to you as Canada was for me. Hope your studies are going well.

  2. Joan, ofcourse I remember you, you are such a warm spirit. I will try to look up some of that literature and try to offer some leads. Yes, Canada is treating me well. I recently got married, thrice ! The photos are on

    I will get back to you by Thursday, the 4th of Oct.

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