Mallus rocking. A must see for desis…


Dany is blown away by the great taste of Beemster !

Few months ago I had told Dany the secrect of Dutch football team’s lightning speed counter attack- Beemster cheese. Dany being a Aguri/Tifosi fan was not convinced by my description about the wonderful taste of Beemster….so I had to patiently wait until I could get him to taste Beemster. My patients paid off.

Dany and Vero came to Toronto on Thursday and stayed over the weekend. We had them over for dinner and to Dany’s surprise I attacked hit with a wedge of Beemster. He was shocked by the delightful taste of the Dutch cheese…well atleast that is what he told me.

Colleen showing her bump !


Originally uploaded by Colleen & Jijesh

I am excited about the bump Colleen is beginning to show. We took this photo yesterday just as we were about to leave for work. I have started rubbing her belly and playing with the kiddo.

We both are very excited about how our lives are going to change from mid-October. Can’t wait for this fall !

Russell Peter,Craigslist,diapers..

I am sitting with Colleen watching Rusell Peters and playing with my iTouch. Meanwhile Colleen is surfing Craigslist for baby stuff.

Taking a break from my PhD | New job

In April I made a decision to take a break from pursuing my PhD. It was a tense and difficult decision, but it had to be made. I was especially concerned about breaking the news to my good friend and peer Dany.  Dany and I have worked on few really good research papers together. I have always felt that he has helped to create the human touch in the academic, and sterile PhD experience.  I am very grateful to have had a good working relationship with Dany. Needless to say our friendship continues beyond the ivory tower dreams. To summarize, I am suspending my PhD degree dream for a while and has found a new reason to wake up  in the morning – a really good company and boss to work with. More on the company and my work later.