Email marketing is loosing steam, or is it?

According to a new survey by JupiterResearch, a growing preference for social networking, texting and cell phone communication — combined with disenchantment with e-mail proliferation and irrelevance — are starting to impact the effectiveness of permission-based e-mail marketing.

The percentage of online and offline purchases due to email persuasion has fallen by 7 %, and 6% since 2007. Does this mean email campaigns are not effective ? I am not certain, I am going to look at the no. for our email campaings soon.

B2B Marketing Podcast has one episode on email marketing here


Seth Godin’s is accepting members until the 10th

I haven’t been keeping this blog updated for an extended period of time, but now I am back on the blogging wagon. I would like to draw attention of all avid researchers and practitioners of social-media marketing to check out

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