QLogitek.com relaunched

I have not blogged in a while, 29 days to be exact. I think it is fair to say I have been busy over the last few months. I (@TheSaaSGuy) have not been tweeting either !

I was busy in the design, development, and launch of QLogitek’s new English and French websites. The site was launched on May 29 thanks to the efforts of QL’s development team and ops team. The design was done by a team from India, Impinge Solutions and the CMS development was done by a team from Barrie, Ontario, Pavliks.

At the end of evaluating numerous CMSs (Joomla, MovableType, Drupal, and others) we settled on Sitefinity, from Telerik. I am very happy with our choice, especially because as a .net shop our dev team is able to work on creating user controls (more on this later). Before finishing this post I would like to say we have done really with all search engine related goals ( more on this in the next post).


Clickpass and Disqus

I am an ardent user of many web2.0 tools. I especially appreciate tools that simplify and enrich user experience. Yesterday I signed up and started trial of two services – Clickpass and DISQUS.

Clickpass makes OpenID easy to use and brings the benefits of single-sign-on to everyone. Did you know 60% of us use the same password on every site we visit! Any way, the single sign on and multiple identity world is approaching sooner than later thanks to competition between Facebook’s Facebook Connect, and Google’s Friend Connect to control the socialweb.
Long live competition.

(The growing) Influence of Web2.0 in crisis situation

David Stephenson a leading e-government, Web 2.0, and crisis management strategist and theorist had an interesting post today, just around when I made my post, on how Web2.0 data may aid anti-terrorist forces combating acts of terror.

David’s post suggests US law enforcement agencies learn from the Mumbai case about the effective monitoring and use of micro-blogging services.

By the way, I came across David’s post via a tweet from TimO’Reilly. David’s full post is here.

Terrorist activity in Mumbai & Micro-blogging

Twitter has been buzzing with tweets about the terrorist acts in Mumbai before it became news on traditional channels. See the screen shot of TwitterScoop and MyTweetDeck.

I have been meaning to write about micro-blogging and it’s growing influence on digital media and online marketing for the last few days. I guess this is the time to condemn this heinous act of human aggression and showcase the influence of micro-messaging in spreading messages and memes.

I am concerned about my friends in Mumbai. I hope they are safe.

Grand Central beta test..invitation

I just started using Google’s GrandCentral..the service is very comprehensive voice communication integration tool. It connects one’s all existing devices to each other using the web !

Snap Shots™ – new firefox extension

If you use Firefox and Google (or other search engines) as much as I do then you will find this new Firefox addon (extension), Snap Shots™ , very useful. It generates preview of the pages of the search list. This way before you clik on a link, you can see it ! Until now this functionality required serverside code, not any more.

I suggest you check this new extension out.

Sundance Winner ‘The Corporation’ Released for Free on BitTorrent | TorrentFreak

The CorporationAlthough Colleen and I have been talking about watching the movie, “The Corporation” for a while, we keep forgetting about it. Any way, I learned that the producers of film have been releasing the movie as a torrent file, so if you are looking for the movie follow the link below. Please don’t forget to make a donation to the movie makers.

Donate few dollars to the film makers and Download The Corporation Filmmakers’ Official Download Edition (1.76GB)