Honda F1 team leading the race for environmental cause

Honda Racing F1, the racing arm of Honda has launched a new campaign, or initiative, or call it what you want, to help raise awareness of environmental issues. In place of advertising and sponsor logos that have dominated F1 cars for decades, the Honda (RA107) F1 car will simply feature a huge image of the earth.

Honda is offering the general public an interesting opportunity, to put their names on the F1 car. I did. This is what Honda wants urges us to do, via their website MyEarthDream, you make a pledge to improve your lifestyle for a cleaner & pristine environment and then make a small donation to an environmental charity organization based in UK.

The pledges are small, for example, I pledged to install at least 3 energy saving bulbs in the next 1 year. I am urging all my friends to make a pledge & get a bunch of names from Kingston, Canada, on the F1 car’s front wings. Yes, you can choose where to put your name and I chose to have mine on the front wings and I urge you to put your name there.
This initiative is going to create a lot of awareness globally because Formula 1 is watched by over a 50 million people every fortnight
(making F1 is a better venue for spreading the word, for comparison, Super Bowl got only 93 million) around the world starting March 8. And unfortunately most of the viewers are not as informed as Canadians are about the environmental crisis & what people can do to help solve it.

So here are 3 things you can do:
(1) Visit
(2) Read about the initiative
(3) Make a pledge, put your name on the front wings, and pass it on to a buddy.


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